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  Watch Watch

Jamie Balliu &
Lucia Massari

1000 x 700 cm
on 300 gsm paper.

line For any further enquiries including sales of unique artwork, please contact:
Jamie Balliu
at UP^

This work explores the variety of symbolism an object carries or has projected upon it. The aesthetics of this illustration are reminiscent of popular art movements or the illustrative styles of contemporary advertising; from a distance, it may well appear to be an advert. There are many possible individual relationships to this casio: for some it’s a form of nostalgia, for others a retro fashion item available in different colours to fit your personal style and outfits. But for US military operatives it carries an altogether different meaning… The United States military considers this watch to be "an indicator of al-Qaida training in the manufacture of improvised explosive devices (IEDs)" and with it the identifying feature of a potential terrorist. Bin laden himself had been photographed
wearing one.

This ubiquitous watch is readily available worldwide for around £4 at its most basic model and worn by many in the middle east and likewise around the fashion hubs of New York, Paris and London. A singular object, linking perhaps millions of people worldwide; each carrying altogether different meanings.